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Could Los Angeles Clippers Sign LeBron James?


Gary A. Vasquez – USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat superstar LeBron James may be the best basketball player on the planet, but it can be said that the round ball prodigy is a slow learner. It took nine season for the “King” to learn how to win, and it took 11 for the Ohio native to realize that Cleveland is cold.

According to reports, James admitted that cold winters are no longer an option. This is devastating news for the good people of Cleveland. Rumors circulated throughout the league that James would opt of his contract with the Heat next offseason and return to his former Cleveland Cavaliers team.

Getting the city its first-ever championship would have been the perfect reconciliation for a city scorned by one of their own, but James has made it clear that shovelling snow on his off days is too uncivilized for royalty, and that freezes the hopes of a city whose faith in sports supremacy is as strong as their belief in the Tooth Fairy.

Yet, if cold is an issue for James, the Los Angeles Clippers find themselves in unfamiliar territory with a shot at one of the greatest. The Clippers have the pieces to make cap space for James, and they have Chris Paul, a true point guard that James hasn’t had in his career. In Los Angeles, James wouldn’t have to buy the groceries, prep and cook. He can just eat.

With the Clippers, James would have to live to the standards he set prior to his arrival, not to a group of chubby analyst cluttering the rafters with purple and gold jerseys. Having a player like Paul with the ball in his his hands would not only extend James career, but it’ll bring at least one championship to a Clippers organization that, unlike Cleveland, has yet to play in a final.

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