Indiana Pacers Danny Granger "Getting Close" To One Hundred Percent

By Dave Daniels
Michael Hickey-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana Pacer fans might feel good about this, and it will certainly give them more bench depth next season if they do keep the band together.

Forward Danny Granger appears to be close to one hundred percent after missing most of last year due to injury. He spoke to many at Pacers media day recently.

The dark cloud about this nobody wants to talk about?

Paul George recently signed a long term contract to stay with the Pacers, and realistically? Granger is trade bait this season.

If you get a deal that works salary cap-wise and makes you a better team you have to do it. And Larry Bird is far too smart to not do the smart thing.

Truly believe Granger’s time in Indiana will be over in a year, and it would be a surprise to me if he was still a Pacer after the All Star Break. That might be a little harsh, and I’m hoping everything works out perfectly in Granger’s return to the court.

Honestly though just cannot see George and Granger coexisting in a starting five. To me they play the same role and the spells trouble for Granger’s future with the team. Hate to point out the dark clouds, but… it’s my job.

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