Los Angeles Clippers PF Blake Griffin "Always Have High Expectations For Myself"

By Dave Daniels
Kevin Jairaj- USA TODAY Sports

Power forward Blake Griffin recently spoke with some media at Los Angeles Clippers facility and it appears the organizations has its sights set on a championship. You can check out an excellent video interview with Griffin below. Also quick comment on the photo above, nice shades on Griffin right?

Griffin took a little bit of a beating this offseason from opponents as well as even some former teammates. He is stepping into next season with high expectations for himself and head coach Doc Rivers will certainly be expecting a lot from Griffin on the defensive end especially.

“I do always have high expectations for myself and I always do for our team,” Griffin said. “For that to be a kind of an across the board thing, I think it’s great. You can’t really achieve anything unless your expectations are high.”

Chris Paul and Griffin’s relationship is admittedly a work in progress, and the next season will truly reveal what is in the competitive heart of those men. The Western conference is absolutely loaded, but the Clippers know what their ultimate goal is. And Griffin? Griffin’s development is absolutely crucial to that success. We will just have to see if Paul is elated at the end of the year, or hanging his head in shame at another lost year.

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