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Top 5 Bench Players For The Chicago Bulls

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Chicago Bulls: "Da New Bench Mob" Is Ready To Help Bulls Contend

Bench Mob
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To compete in the NBA, you have to have a very solid bench, which was proven last season in the NBA Finals. The Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs had very good bench play, and both teams had enough solid veterans and key contributors to help them along the way. That is what makes teams succeed at the highest level. This season, the Chicago Bulls may have one of the better benches in the league.

The Bulls always had good players coming off the bench. You can go all the way back to the late 90's, when they would bring solid veterans like Toni Kukoc and Steve Kerr to knock down shots. These guys were so good coming off the bench, coach Phil Jackson would sometimes leave them in to finish games; that's how much confidence he had for that group, because he knew they were good enough to play along two of the top 50 players of all time, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

The Bulls had to rely on their bench heavily even last season. With so many injuries to the starting line-up, the bench had to step up and be ready to play. There were guys who never played much during their careers, but coach Tom Thibodeau had no choice but to depend on the young players. Those players led the Bulls to the second round of the playoffs; that just shows how much trust and faith coach Thibs has for his team.

The question is, how good can this version of the Bulls' bench be? Will they be called "Da Bench Mob" like before? Only time will tell, but here are the top 5 bench players of the Bulls for the 2013-2014 season.

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Kirk Hinrich

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Hinrich is ready to be the combo guard and sixth man off the bench in which he was brought in to do last season. He started most of the season because Derrick Rose was out with the ACL tear. Hinrich had an up and down year season due to major injuries and multiple minutes played. Now, he is healthy to lead the bench and resume that title of "Captain Kirk".

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Taj Gibson

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Some Bulls fans would love to see Gibson start over the inconsistent Carlos Boozer. His time will come soon enough. Gibson is such a force off the bench, and with his aggressive style and defensive activity, coach Thibs relies on him to finish games when Boozer is ineffective. Gibson is a major weapon on the Bulls' roster.

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Mike Dunleavy

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Dunleavy was a hot commodity this offseason as a free agent, and the Bulls scooped this veteran up very quickly. He brings a ton of experience and reliable three-point shooting to the team; the Bulls will appreciate what he brings to the table because of their lack of perimeter shooting.

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Marquis Teague

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Teague will be the backup point guard behind Rose and Hinrich. He should earn some minutes this season, because he showed enough promise as a rookie. He has speed and good ball handle to slice through the lane. Besides all of that, he gets to learn from some very good veterans.

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Nazr Mohammed

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Mohammed is back for his 16th NBA season. He's a quality big off the bench who brings a ton of leadership and size. He's a presence in the locker room and well respected around the league.