Orlando Magic Guard Victor Oladipo Attends Washington Redsksins Game

By Dave Daniels
Victor Oladipo Magic
Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Victor Oladipo is currently trying to change the basketball culture for the Orlando Magic franchise, but he is taking a bit of time off too which is good to see for such a hardworking young man. He recently attended the Washington Redskins latest game at FedEx field, which was a loss. But they won today in a truly depressing game, so here is hoping that the end of the season has been delayed for another week.

As you can probably tell, my expectations for the Redskins this season are not high. Quarterback Robert Griffin III is one of my favorite football players ever (and I mean that), but he is not the same player while playing in a knee brace and it is obvious.

Washington fans. I understand. If I were you I would not want to see reason either, but unfortunately I’m a sportswriter and it is my job to see these things objectively.

Oladipo. Hope you truly enjoyed the Skins game last weekend, because it might give you a sense of what you are in for next season. A lot of losing.

Really like Oladipo a lot, and if I had to put money on it, would probably bet him to be rookie of the year. The most little known fact about him? He has a twin sister named Victoria. Oladipo will probably not get too many other chances to watch the Skins so good for him; here is hoping the Redkins can win a couple more games than the Magic next season, because it is not looking too good so far.

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