Portland Trail Blazers Shoot Back At Raymond Felton's Criticism on Twitter

By Dave Daniels
Portland Trail Blazers
Kelley L Cox- USA TODAY Sports

Hasn’t point guard Raymond Felton done enough damage to the Portland Trail Blazers already? Don’t get me wrong, everybody loves Raymond. (Sorry had to do it.)

But if you show up out of shape to training camp, you cannot expect the fans of a team to stand behind you, and that is just fact. I know Felton was bummed with how he ended up leaving New York, and glad to see he is back there and happy but you still have to do your job well whether you are playing for New York or not. That is my position on it, respect for Felton’s college career or not.

That is my main issue with Felton, but like what I am hearing out of what he is bringing to New York and they could be poised for a surprising year. Most seem to be counting the Knicks completely out, which could be a good underdog position for them. He recently made some comments about the Blazers fans that caused the Blazers twitter handle to react in hilarious fashion, which you can check out below.

Word of advice to Felton. You are always one day away from having a job and pissing off one of the few places you have worked is not always a recipe for success. The Blazers will probably have a target on Felton next year, and the fans will certainly make their feelings known as well.

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