Toronto Raptors PF Amir Johnson Buys Two Music Stores Out Of Drake Album To Give to Fans

By Dave Daniels
Toronto Raptors Logo Amir Johnson
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Power forward Amir Johnson has been making all kinds of headlines this summer, and of the most extreme variety. The last one that I can remember had to do with possibly playing tug-of-war with an elephant. (Honestly wish I were creative enough to have made that up.)

The next one has nothing to do with large mammals, but with normal sized rappers. It appears Johnson has bought out the inventory of two music stores newest Drake album in order to give them out to fans, which is quite a generous gesture if you ask me. You can read the full piece about it below, but we will see if there is any backlash here.

Canadians are generally pretty nice, but they might even be surprised by this measure of kindness. Drake is currently one of the most famous Canadians in the Western hemisphere and struggling to come up with someone bigger than him. Maybe Mike Myers? How do you like that triple M sentence? Not often you see that right?

Not often you see three questions in a row either, but that is the way Rant Sports rolls. We try to keep both our diction and our digits up. Also Drake, you should probably give a quick shout out to Johnson, just saying that is a lot of albums.

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