Why Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets' "Nickname" Game is a Bad Idea

By Shane Phillips
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Imagine a world where no one was known by their first name, last name or even their middle name, but by their nickname. Now think about how ridiculous and ludicrous the existence of such a world would be.

The NBA is not taking it to that extreme, but they are considering a much smaller experiment. In one of their four regular season match-ups, the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets may wear jerseys sporting the players’ nicknames.

If I was an eight year old, I might find this “cool” or “hip”, key word there is might. I’m not eight years old, and I sure do not find this idea in any way “cool”. If anything, this is a shot in the dark by David Stern and the NBA in an attempt to appeal to the younger generation.

There are some crucial flaws in this idea. The biggest flaw is that the only nicknames that the general public is aware of are the nicknames of superstars, and not even all of the stars have nicknames. Of course we will recognize Dwyane “Flash” Wade or LeBron “King” James, but what about Mario Chalmers or Brook Lopez? Are they going to put “raptor”, “dinosaur” or “alien” on Chris Bosh‘s jersey?

Not only will people not recognize the nicknames, but it will make the league look unprofessional. The NBA is a professional basketball league, run by mature adults and played by grown men. Your local supermarket manager does not wear a name tag with his nickname or your boss doesn’t let you call him “t-bone”.

Honestly, if this was such a great idea, wouldn’t the NFL or another professional sport organization have tried this? Simply put, this is a terrible idea. No one will find it entertaining, no one will buy jerseys with the players’ nicknames and no one will find professionalism in this ploy.

David Stern, retire now while you still have some sort of dignity left.

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