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5 Big Losses that the Boston Celtics Will Take This Season

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5 Big Losses that the Boston Celtics Will Take This Season

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If you are a Boston Celtics fan, losing is something you will have to come to grips with. I truly don’t know if this current Celtics team can beat anyone else in the league on any given night. I hope they can. Realistically they probably cannot. However, the thing that will shock Celtics fans isn’t going to be the number of losses the home team racks up, but who they are to.

Losing to these teams is more than an extra check in the loss column, for the Celtics, these defeats will say a lot about them, the league, or both.

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5. Milwaukee Bucks

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There are very few situations in which the Milwaukee Bucks are relevant to anything in any situation. So they better enjoy this. Milwaukee is the league’s marquee team of mediocrity. If the Celtics get beat by the most average team possible, it speaks volumes about where they are and should lead fans to realize Boston isn’t a middle of the pack team, as begrudgingly hoped. While the Bucks have improved since last season, not being able to overcome them speaks volumes.

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4. Dallas Mavericks

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Losing to the Dallas Mavericks will show the Celtics how relevant they are. I once thought of the Mavs and Celtics along the same lines: veteran teams with some solid youth that could be dangerous if only a few more pieces were added. Right now, the Mavericks are in the one more shot phase the Celtics were last season. This will show the Celtics they are further back in the rebuild than the Mavericks, but any change at this point will not be the false hope that is in Dallas.

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3. Detroit Pistons

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The day that the lowly Detroit Pistons beat you is not a good day. However, at least this loss is more about the Motor City than it is about Boston. The game will represent a changing of the guard in the league. The previously bad team shall defeat the previously good one in an omen of things to come. While the Celtics always had a rough time against the Pistons, they were clearly the better team, despite the fact they were out-muscled. This time, the Celtics won’t be beating themselves, they be beat by the superior team in the Pistons.

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2. San Antonio Spurs

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Like their Texas friends, the San Antonio Spurs are, or at least have been very similar to the Celtics in many ways. However, the Celtics management will be reminded what could have been made out an old team if only things had worked out a little differently. When the Celtics got too old, the team was blown up. When the Spurs got too old, adjustments were made, and they went to the finals. Now that the proper changes have been made, see who beats who.

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1. Brooklyn Nets

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Who else was it going to be? The Celtics losing to the Brooklyn Nets won’t mean a whole lot. It won’t tell us anything about either team we didn’t already know. However, the day that Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett join forces to beat the Celtics shall live on as the most emotional and uncomfortable game of the season, hands down. There may never be many more games quite like these in the history of basketball, and each time will be strange and unsettling. When Eddie Palladino utters “Paul Pierce” in a stale monotone over the PA system, we shall then understand why this game is what it is.