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5 Old Friends Who Could Help the Boston Celtics

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5 Old Friends Who Could Help the Celtics

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The end of a good season is always a sad time. While few of us like to admit it, we can get attached to our favorite players. When the final buzzer sounds in the last playoff game, regardless of the result, some people are probably on the way out of town. Like any team to ever play basketball, the Boston Celtics go through this.

Nothing is more painful than watching the Celtics either get rid of a player you loved, or ship out a low-quality player who instantaneously became good once they left Boston behind. I can think of no one who was emotionally unaffected the day Brian Scalabrine said farewell to Boston.

Regardless of how you may feel about the days of old for the Celtics, the future is here. With the NBA season starting in a just a few short weeks, the Celtics need some help now more than ever.

The following is a list of former Celtics that could do some good for the current squad. However, there are rules, lest I list off the entire 2008 championship team. Aside from once being associated with the Celtics, the players must make sense for the Celtics to add. Just because Wally Szczerbiak used to play for the Celtics, doesn’t mean the team needs him ASAP. Secondly, the players return must make sense from a financial stand point. Thirdly, the players must be active in basketball. Bringing players out of retirement is not allowed. Finally, none of the players are allowed to be either Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett.

In all honesty, the return of any of the following players would do more than put a smile on the faces of fans, it would probably do some good for a team that looks primed for struggle.

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5. Marquis Daniels

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Last played with the Celtics: 2012

Last seen: Milwaukee Bucks

Status: Free Agent

While never flashy or exciting, Marquis Daniels had a solid three-year stint in Boston, as was known for his hustle and occasional big plays. Now that unrestricted free agency is upon him, the Celtics should look to make the signing. The addition of Daniels would keep in tune with the youth movement, but still bring to the table some experience from a player who has been around the league. Daniels only averaged five points last season, but doing so in Boston behind Jeff Green could prove to be effective. Aside from that, Daniels has already played with Rajon Rondo and Green, so any adjustment period he may have to go through would be shortened considerably.

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4. Delonte West

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Last played with the Celtics: 2011

Last seen: Texas Legends

Status: Available for signing from D-League

Delonte West is a player who is always likely to raise an eyebrow amongst everyone from fans to GM’s. Regardless of his off the court reputation, West has proved he has a place in the league. While he only averaged nine points off the bench for the Dallas Mavericks, he did so shooting .461 from the field, and maintained solid defensive play in the process. West has proven to be best suited in a position where he can come off the bench. Putting him back behind Rondo could be a step in the right direction. The two would make a decent defensive tandem, and again would not be strangers to one another. Also, West provides a solid plan B for Brad Stevens should the Bradley as point guard experiment not work to his liking. While it would be a gamble, bringing West aboard could help the Celtics.

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3. Greg Stiemsma

Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports

Last played with the Celtics: 2012

Last seen: New Orleans Pelicans

Status: Under contract for one year with New Orleans Pelicans

The day the Celtics lost Greg Stiemsma was a sad day indeed. A player who at first looked like some joker Danny Ainge scooped out of the D-league, the rookie Stiemsma earned himself self a spot behind Garnett in no time. His electrifying blocks, surprising speed, and actually decent mid-range shot made him one of the most underrated new players to the league last season. While the Celtics are big in the paint already, there is allegedly discussion of getting rid of either Gerald Wallace or Kris Humphries, and because Stiemsma could only return via trade, this could be the perfect situation to dump some salary. Boston never wanted to lose the young center to begin with, but could not match the offer put forth by the Minnesota Timberwolves. Now could be their chance to obtain and develop a future young star, make some room on the books, and stay true to the youth movement that has entered the Celtics organization.

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2. Mickael Pietrus

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Last Played with the Celtics: 2012

Last Seen: Toronto Raptors

Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

It feels like forever since Celtics fans have seen Mickael Pietrus. While the Pietrus era in Boston was lots of fun to watch, it wasn’t nearly long enough. Despite his desire to remain in green, Pietrus could not re-sign with the Celtics and was forced to sign with the Toronto Raptos instead. While there, he had one the worst seasons of his career and only played 19 games. Partly due to his concussion, but partly do to the fact he never really had a role on the team, Pietrus proved to be less than helpful to the Raptors as they strove for decency. So how could he help the Celtics? Right now, Green has minimal backup. While young, Green can’t play the entire game every single night. When he needs a breather, Pietrus should be the one to spell him. He has proved himself to the Celtics once before, demonstrated in his full embrace of the organization, as well as his big shots in the playoffs, and his clutch flop on LeBron James in the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals. A return to Boston could deliver him from a team he doesn’t love, and give the Celtics already solid bench just a little more kick.

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1. Keyon Dooling

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Last Played with the Celtics: 2012

Last Seen: Memphis Grizzlies

Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

Hands down, one of my favorite Celtics playoff moments came from Keyon Dooling. After hitting back to back three-pointers much to the amazement of Erik Spoelstra, Dooling ran down the floor, and jumped into the air as the Garden exploded and Miami called a timeout. While this moment was hardly the norm for Dooling’s tenure in Boston, it captured his intensity, ability, and love for his team. While he only scored four points per game in Boston, he seemed to be a source of leadership and experience on a largely youthful 2012 roster. Now with the team resting firmly in the hands of Rondo, acquiring a backup point guard, preferably a veteran might not be a bad idea. No, Dooling wouldn’t save the Celtics, but a return could help the lack of a proven backup for Rondo as well as guidance for newcomer Phil Pressey.