Brooklyn Nets Rumors: Kevin Garnett Not Getting Along With Jason Kidd

By Andrew Fisher
Jason Kidd
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One of the big criticisms of the Brooklyn Nets‘ decision to hire Jason Kidd was that the point guard was too close to his playing days to be a head coach. In fact, he was as close as you can possibly get to being an active player. People were skeptical that he could command a team. Those doubts multiplied when the Nets pulled off a trade to acquire veterans Paul Pierce, Jason Terry and Kevin Garnett.

Now, there’s news of out Nets’ camp that fans will not be glad to hear. Kidd had a recent meeting with Garnett where he proposed a limited role for the veteran forward. The Big Ticket apparently didn’t like what he heard:

“It didn’t go too well. I’m just being honest.But I understand what he was saying. He’s trying to make sure I’m durable and can get through an 82-game season. I understand what it is. He’s not coming to me personally or as a man or anything like that. He’s looking to better me. So I will try to be receptive like that,” said Garnett.

The Big Ticket also said that he ‘doesn’t want to be told anything.’

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Kidd apparently doesn’t want Garnett to play in back-to-back games, which in theory will keep him fresh for the playoffs. That’s obviously something the Big Ticket isn’t used to. For the Nets to have any chance of success this season, the head coach and the veteran forward will need to be on the same page. The good news is that it’s early and there’s plenty of time for everyone to agree on a strategy.

But at the same time, this is exactly what all Nets’ fans were afraid of when the big trade was executed over the offseason.


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