Jason Terry Will Receive a Cold Reception in Return to Boston Celtics

By Sean McKenney
Jason Terry
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Picture it now, the Brooklyn Nets vs. the Boston Celtics this December. The crowd is on the edge of their seats, the Garden is jam packed and buzz goes through the room. Suddenly, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett emerge from the tunnel. The Garden explodes. I have a hard time seeing Boston fans hope their team actually wins this game. A “thank-you” chant of some kind will probably break out. But wait, good fans of Boston, someone else is emerging from the tunnel. Oh my, it’s Jason Terry.

The cheering will stop there.

Don’t expect any Ray Allen or LeBron James reactions from the Boston faithful; just don’t be surprised if they aren’t happy to see Terry. Quite frankly, he’s earned it. In Boston, Terry is best known for getting a Celtics tattoo, playing like a shell of his former self, getting dunked on by LeBron, and talking trash at anything that moved. Who could forget his now infamous picture of himself in a Yankees uniform? On top of that, Terry has informed the Brooklyn media he has or will get a Nets tattoo in the near future.

No, he didn’t play for the Celtics for a decade. Nor was Terry part of raising a banner. However, for all the hype that surrounded his signing, there didn’t turn out to have much substance beside a few big three-pointers and some uncomfortable situations.

This isn’t an event fans will look back on. 10 years from now, a couple of guys in the nosebleeds won’t talk about the time they booed Terry for a couple minutes. Any animosity toward the two-guard will be drowned out by the love for Pierce and Garnett. Still, it’s worth noted one of the former Boston products won’t be welcomed back.

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