Washington Wizards John Wall Out to "Prove He's a Top Five Point Guard" in the League

By Dave Daniels
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

John Wall is a unique and confident talent, and when the Washington Wizards signed him to a max extension I breathed a sigh of relief. It has been dark times for the Wizards these past few years, and last year was truly depressing to watch. Went to a couple games and cannot remember the last time I enjoyed pro basketball less.

Gone were the days of Gilbert Areanas and other knuckleheads like JaVale McGee and Andray Blatche. Whose last name I always thought we should just change to barf. That’s what his game made me want to do anyway. All that was left though was a pretty hardworking defensive that (without Wall due to knee injury early in the year) was just less talented than almost every other team in the league. They were trying hard, and that made watching them lose even more disheartening. At a certain point I could no longer watch the team until Wall was on the court last year. Even then though, it was just as much of a downer because when they started playing well, it was like, well shit, if he had been healthy all year it is probably a playoff team. Freaking monkey nuts.

Wall with some recent comments though has set the stage for a breakout season. He has said the Wizards have enough to make the playoffs, and saw from the Jeff Goodman tweet below (always a good account to follow) that Wall wants to prove he is a top five point guard in the league.

For the moment though? As a Wizards fan I’d be happy with fifth best in the East.

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