What Does Owner Herb Kohl Think of the 2013-14 Milwaukee Bucks?

By Michael Terrill
What Does Owner Herb Kohl Think of the 2013-14 Milwaukee Bucks
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The expectations for the Milwaukee Bucks outside of the state of Wisconsin are not very high. Personally, I find it hard to believe more people have not bought into what the Bucks are capable of accomplishing this season. One person that is thinking along the same wave length is team owner Herb Kohl.

“We can be a good team and if we are, we’ll surprise a lot of people,” Kohl said during a press conference at the Bucks Cousins Center practice facility, according to the Business Journal. “Probably the expectations are not that high, but regardless of that we expect to be a team that will please our fans.”

Milwaukee used to be a great basketball town. Unfortunately, the Bucks being as bad as they have been for so long have taken a toll on the fan base. Obviously, general manager John Hammond saw the writing on the wall last season and decided to rebuild the team. The good news is he did it by mixing young talent with savvy veterans to give Milwaukee a legitimate shot at making some noise in 2013-14.

I understand there is no reason to buy into what the organization has accomplished over the past couple months. Almost everyone who has voiced their opinion about the team has given them a dismal grade and no chance to win more than 30 games. In my opinion, that is absurd. If the players can find a way to build chemistry prior to the start of the season, or at least during the first few weeks of the regular season, then the Bucks should be in good shape.

Kohl is optimistic about the team for obvious reasons. However, the fans should be excited about what lies ahead as well because the roster is filled with group of players that are thrilled with the direction the team is headed in.

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