Kawhi Leonard Must Emerge As Star for San Antonio Spurs to Contend Again

By Dave Daniels
San Antonio Spurs- Miami Heat
Steve Mitchell- USA TODAY Sports

Small forward Kawhi Leonard showed flashes in last year’s finals that he could become a special player one day. The size of his hands is ridiculous and working in the gym every day with All World point guard Tony Parker and best power forward of all time Tim Duncan cannot hurt either. The tweet below argues that Leonard is being looked upon as a star, and that is all well and good but he will have to prove it on the court.

One thing is for sure though, if the Spurs want to avenge that gut punching game 6 last year, then Leonard is going to have to step up. His defense on LeBron James last year was key, but the Spurs were unable to rely on Leonard for consistently solid offensive production and it showed at times.

Clearly Manu Ginobli is not the player he was, and though I used to love his game nut think the Spurs made a mistake bringing him back. That my not be a popular opinion, but there is.

Duncan is a constant, and Parker amazes me more every year, but unless the Spurs have a consistent third option to throw the ball to then they may end up on the short side of the stick yet again.

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