Los Angeles Clippers: Doc Rivers Rips Into Chris Paul During First Meeting

By Andrew Fisher
Doc Rivers
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Most people figured that Doc Rivers was going to bring a new attitude to the Los Angeles Clippers. The veteran head coach has been around the block a few times and it’s clear he headed west to Los Angeles for a new challenge. He picked a good one, as the Clippers have never even been to the NBA Finals. At the same time, there’s a roster full of talent at Rivers’ disposal and that no doubt starts with Chris Paul.

The All-Star point guard recently revealed what his first meeting with Rivers consisted of:

“The first meeting I had with Doc, he pretty much told me I wasn’t anything. He told me I hadn’t done anything in this league, and he was right. You don’t always want somebody that’s going to tell you what you want to hear.”

While it’s clear that Paul has done a lot of good things during his career, the veteran coach is right – if you haven’t won a championship, you haven’t done much.

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The Clippers have been good for the last two years with Paul on the roster, but when it came time to really turn it on in the postseason, they just didn’t have enough fire power to get the job done. Now with Rivers at the helm, many people believe his strong leadership will give the team an edge that they previously didn’t have under Vinny Del Negro. It also won’t hurt that they signed J.J. Redick, Antwan Jamison, Jared Dudley and Darren Collison in the offseason, either.


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