Michael Jordan Correctly Predicts He Would Beat Lebron James at One-on-One, Jabs Kobe Bryant

By Andrew Fisher
Michael Jordan
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Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time in many regards. When it comes to his time on the basketball court, there’s no doubt he’s the best to ever play the game. At the same time, MJ might be the greatest smack-talker ever. But when you can walk the walk, it’s okay to talk the talk.

Jordan recently sat down for an interview to promote the newest version of the NBA2k series and he was asked a very interesting question – who would he like to play one-on-one during his prime?

The legendary shooting guard thought for a moment and then said: Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Julius Erving, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony. He thought those players would make for a good start to a one-on-one challenge. But then he added, “I don’t think I would lose, other than to Kobe Bryant, because he steals all of my moves.” Zing!

Some people might think he was just kidding around, but I’m not one of them. I think he believes he would beat each and every one of them and that Kobe does steal his moves (there’s video evidence to support that claim).

Lebron did respond by saying, “MJ said that? I’ve thought about the matchup, but no one will ever see it and it’s not going to happen. It’s good for people to talk about.”

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These comments from Jordan aren’t surprising in the least. The reason he’s the best of all time, is because he believed that his entire career. He was as tough mentality as he was physically. That’s what set him apart.

As for the question of who would win these hypothetical one-on-one games, I’m taking MJ. He might not be as big as Lebron, but he would find a way. He would scrape and claw his way to victory, just like he always did.


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