Portland Trail Blazers Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum Could Develop Into Electrifying Duo

By Dave Daniels
Damian Lillard
Jaime Valdez – USA TODAY Sports

Combo guard C.J. McCollum certainly popped out of nowhere didn’t he? It is almost like he is the Damian Lillard of this class. A quality young combo guard out of a midmajor school, who can handle, shoot, and pass.

It remains to be seen how seamlessly McCollum can contribute for the Portland Trails Blazers, but really love this draft pick that franchise. And honestly? Neil Olshey got hosed by the Clippers. He was the one who orchestrated the Chris Paul trade, and set the Clippers on the path to success for years to come and then the ass muncher Donald Sterling decides to can him.

McCollum did an excellent job interview (of sorts) for Grantland, and Bill Simmons remarked afterwards that he wished he could hire McCollum to work for the site. Apparently the young man wants to be a sports writer in his pro playing life, so there you go. It is not everyday that a pro basketball wants to be in the same profession as you.

I hope McCollum hits a series winning shot in the Western conference finals, then Sterling drops dead of shock, and then Olshey dances over the owner’s body while donning a Western conference champs hat.

That paint a vivid enough image for you? Hope so, cuz that’s all I got to say about that folks.

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