Andrew Wiggins Will Be Pleased Canadian Rapper Drake Becomes Global Ambassador for Toronto Raptors Franchise

By Dave Daniels
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Well, either if it is through the draft, or through a trade/free agency situation later one, but it appears the Toronto Raptors are all in for Andrew Wiggins.

Wiggins over the summer said he wanted to play for the Raptors one day, which should have raised the ears of many in Canada.

The following should not be overlooked as well. Wiggins is a friend of the rapper Drake, and this move could pay dividends in the future. Drake has been named a global ambassador for the Raptors and it could be a smarter move by the franchise.

The Raptors saw what Jay-Z was able to do in Brooklyn, and though Canada is not Brooklyn you can bet that there is marketing potential for Drake at that arena. It would be a lot of fun to catch a game in Toronto and here is hoping they are able to add some more talent to the team in the next few years. They have been pretty rough to watch lately.

Drake has been speaking out a lot on sports lately, and it will be interesting to see if he follows Jay Z’s path into sports management. For now though, global ambassador has a pretty good ring to it don’t you?

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