Miami Heat: Dwyane Wade’s Season Is Fueled By Doubt

By Richard Nurse
Dwyane Wade
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Besides maybe athletic trainer Tim Grover, no one can really come out and say that they expected Dwyane Wade to become a superstar, let alone a future Hall of Famer.

They said he was too small to play shooting guard and wasn’t skilled enough to play point guard. He was the prototypical NBA tweener. Fast forward 11 years, three titles and numerous accolades later, and D-Wade is still trying to prove himself because of a fluke injury.

“There’s a major misconception, and I mean a major misconception, about his health last year,” said Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra to the media. “It was a bone bruise. It wasn’t a knee issue of wear and tear.”

In all honestly, there may have never been an issue of wear and tear. According to, Wade believes that his knee problems may have started following his sophomore year in college when he had his meniscus removed (instead of repaired) and opened himself up to “having certain knee injuries and problems.”

In any case, he found his name being touted as the second best two-guard in the league, regardless of his surgery regrets.

But doubt is what motivates him. He still wants to prove you wrong. That chip on his shoulder shows it. It’s why Wade paced himself and got back with Grover. It’s why he took Pat Riley’s advice, loss weight and had a great summer. Why else would he take such offense to Kevin Durant taking him out of his top 10?

It’s exactly that kind of motivation that has him out to show that his role as the second option could mean more to the Heat than most team’s first.

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