Eric Maynor Examining Whether John Wall or Russell Westbrook is Faster

By Dave Daniels
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Point guard Eric Maynor will be backing up John Wall at point guard this year, and the Washington Wizards seem to be poised for a playoff year. Maynor has been particularly impressed with Wall’s speed in practice, so much so that comparisons to dynamic point guard Russell Westbrook have popped up in Maynor’s mind. This is natural and it would for sure be a great race. Shoutout to the Wizards for the twitter update below.

Wall is not shying away from expectations this season and has said he wants to prove himself a top five point guard in the league, which would be great to see. The young floor general has also set playoff expectations for this team, which is encouraging for the Wizards’ fans who miss watching their home team play basketball in late May. It has been a while to be sure.

Wall versus Westbrook is a hard one to decide in the foot speed department. I’d say that Wall is probably faster end to end, but Westbrook’s explosive dunking ability also him to finish plays more emphatically at times than Wall. It is a tough one though with no easy answer.

I say we settle this with an old fashioned foot race! Maynor can hold the stopwatch.

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