Jason Thompson Says It’s Good for Sacramento Kings To Be Able to Focus on Basketball

By Cody Williams
Ranadive D'Allesandro Kings
Kelley L. Cox – USA Today Sports Images

It’s strange to think that an NBA franchise wouldn’t be focusing on basketball during the season, or even the off-season. However, that’s something that can definitely be said of the Sacramento Kings at the end of last season and leading into this summer.

The Kings were facing a terrible ownership situation with the Maloofs, the potential of the franchise moving, and a general lack of success in recent seasons. With all of that in their face, it’s actually somewhat understandable that they weren’t completely focused on playing the game of basketball, considering they didn’t even know if they would be in the same city in the 2013-2014 season.

However, things are looking much brighter these days in Sactown. Not only has a new ownership group headed by Vivek Ranadive taken over the helm, but they have also a newly built front office headed by general manager Pete D’Allesandro and seem to have a new lease on the future.

With all of these changes, the Kings players seem much more engaged in their plight and are embracing the changes in personnel. Kings forward Jason Thompson talked about the changes while at training camp saying that “It starts from the top,” speaking about the new front office and new direction of the team, per The Washington Post. Thompson also added that “it’s great to just focus on basketball.”

This Kings team may not be one that’s going to surprise everyone and makes the playoffs. Even if newly extended center DeMarcus Cousins starts to realize his potential, there are still some major problems with the way the Kings’ roster is constructed. However, it’s a positive sign to have the new owners, new front office and, most importantly, a new sense of direction and confidence among the players.

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