Jason Kidd's Head Coaching Career is Not Off to Good Start

By Andrew Fisher
Jason Kidd
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The Brooklyn Nets raised a few eyebrows this past spring when they hired Jason Kidd as their new head coach. After the legendary point guard retired from the hardwood, it was thought that he’d land on a coaching staff somewhere, but no one was projecting that he’d be a head coach in the first season following his retirement. However, the Nets apparently felt strongly about bringing him in to head up their staff and that he could help take the franchise to the next level.

Well, instead of starting the season on the sidelines, Kidd won’t be anywhere to be seen. He’s been suspended by the NBA for being convicted of DUI. A two-game ban is the standard when it comes to DUIs, so this news was not of the shocking variety. At the same time, it certainly won’t get Kidd’s head coaching career off to the start he was hoping for.

This announcement comes on the heels of a meeting between Kidd and Kevin Garnett that didn’t go so well. The veteran forward is of course one of the newest members of the Nets, but at 37-years of age, Kidd apparently proposed to Garnett that he didn’t want him playing in back-to-back games this season. As you could imagine, that didn’t sit well with the Big Ticket.

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Reports have since come out saying that KG will play in back-to-back games, but it’s still thought that the Nets will do their best to limit him during the regular season.

So when you consider everything that’s gone on, Kidd’s head coaching career is off to a rocky start. The good news is that the season hasn’t even started yet and he’ll have 80 games to iron everything out.


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