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Utah Jazz: 5 Players Who Will Make The Team Better

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Utah Jazz: 5 Players Who Must Step Up in 2013-14

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The Utah Jazz just missed the playoffs last year with a 43-39 record, but with the Jazz letting their two top scorers go this offseason, can we honestly expect them to do better than or even match that record this year? Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap were both allowed to walk this past offseason, so the likes of Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors will need to step up big time in order to fill the void left by those two. The Jazz are hoping they drafted their future point guard when they took Trey Burke from the University of Michigan. The likes of John Stockton and Deron Williams have both played point guard for the Jazz, so can Trey be the next big name to handle the ball for Utah?

Brandon Rush is a player who has the potential to score points in bunches, but due to an injury he saw practically zero court time last season. If he can return and be a decent sixth man or even better than that for the Jazz, he can help pick up some of the scoring slack. Gordon Hayward still remains on the team, and he should be expected to be the leading scorer for this Jazz team.

Basically from top to bottom there isn’t a big name on this roster that has the ability to strike fear in an opposing player or team, but if these five players can step up this season, the Jazz may actually surprise a few of those doubters.

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5. Brandon Rush

Brandon Rush
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The picture of Rush in a suit pretty much sums up his 2012-13 season. Even though he's coming off of an injury, Rush can help this Jazz team be much deeper than they would be without him. He's not going to be asked to do a lot, but being a prominent player off of the bench is exactly what the Jazz will need from him in order to be competitive this season.

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4. Trey Burke

Trey Burke
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No he's not John Stockton or Deron Williams, but Trey Burke has the potential to be a great point guard for the Utah Jazz. He's a rookie out of the University of Michigan, but he's expected to do a lot for this team from day one. He doesn't have to be their leading scorer, but he does need to step up in big moments. If he can get the new big man duo of Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors involved in the offense, that would be a plus for this team as well.

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3. Enes Kanter

Enes Kanter
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The Jazz turned a lot of heads with their drafting of Enes Kanter in 2011, but with Al Jefferson no longer in town, this is Kanter's time to shine. Seven points and four rebounds per game won't get it done, but it won't be hard for him to up those stats with more minutes per game which is expected this season.

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2. Derrick Favors

Derrick Favors
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Favors is already a good defensive player, but with no Paul Millsap, Favors will be expected to pick up his scoring now too. Averaging a double double is no longer out of the question with more playing time he will be getting on the court. Favors being a better offensive player while maintaining his defense is exactly what the doctor ordered for this Utah Jazz team.

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1. Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward
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Gordon Hayward is finally the man in Utah. He was their third leading scorer last season, but this season he needs to be their leading scorer. He can stretch the court with outstanding three point shooting and he shoots a good percentage at the free throw line as well. If he can become a better all-around player, then the Jazz will be in good hands for the near future.