5 Reasons Why Andray Blatche Shouldn’t Say Brooklyn Nets Are “Best”

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5 Reasons why Andray Blatche shouldn't say Brooklyn Nets are "best"

Andray Blatche
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Andray Blatche would probably call it just having supreme confidence in his Brooklyn Nets.

I would call it just a huge mistake.

“I think we are the best team,” Blatche said at the Barclays Center on Monday. “This team can be great. We got everything that a team needs to win a championship. We got heart, defense, offense, bench, great coaching staff.”

As Blatche continued, he didn’t feel the need to backtrack on his bold opinion.

“In my head, yes, we’re the best team,” said Blatche. “Just because [the Miami Heat] won the championship the last two years, I’m not going to give them they’re the best team. They did it last year. This is a whole new year. We’re going to try to be the best.”

There’s nothing wrong with openly sharing the belief that your team can be the best with time. Especially with the pieces the Nets have assembled over the last couple of years, confidence is always key.

But that’s not what Blatche was claiming through his statement. He’s expressing the thought that the Nets are already the best in the NBA, which doesn’t make sense at this point for a number of reasons.

Not only do his words not make sense right now, but they’re more likely to produce a negative effect than a positive one for other reasons. Blatche would’ve been much better off keeping those thoughts either to himself or within the locker room.

Here are five overall reasons why Blatche shouldn’t have been so vocal in this situation.

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5. Andray Blatche's Role

Andray Blatche's Role
Brad Penner-USA Today Sports

Talk so big shouldn't ever come from a backup like Blatche, no matter how productive they are.

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4. Jason Kidd Still A Rookie

Jason Kidd Still A Rookie
Brad Penner-USA Today Sports

Jason Kidd is expected to be great in his new role as head coach and has the pieces to win a championship, but it's hard to sound sane saying what Blatche said with a rookie head coach.

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3. Nets Still Unknown

Nets Still Unknown
Debby Wong-USA Today Sports

The Nets haven't proven anything with all their new pieces and have a while to go until they do.

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2. Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers
Brian Spurlock-USA Today Sports

The Indiana Pacers still appear to be a better, much more proven team than the Nets. It doesn't make sense to say the Nets are better until they square off against Indiana.

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1. Miami Heat

Miami Heat
Steve Mitchell-USA Today Sports

The Miami Heat have been to three straight NBA Finals and have won the last two. Until they're dethroned, they are clearly the best out there.

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