Brooklyn Nets Must Take Jason Kidd Suspension Seriously

By Mike B. Ruiz
Brad Penner-USA Today Sports

After all the hype that led up to his debut as Brooklyn Nets head coach, the NBA chose to tell Jason Kidd he’ll have to wait until the third game of the season.

The league decided yesterday to finally suspend Kidd for the first two games of the season after he pleaded guilty in July to a DWI charge from last year. For the Nets players, there are a number of lessons to learn from Kidd’s suspension, but the most important thing that must result from it is a commitment.

A commitment to not allowing anything this disgraceful to intrude the organization’s bubble once again this upcoming season.

Kidd’s suspension brings embarrassment to a new level. A head coach suspended for DWI resembles a school principal taking a leave of absence for something just as shameful. Everyone knows these things shouldn’t be happening.

Winning big is the expectation for the Nets. Even as big as a championship by next June.

But what is winning without class? That’s what these players must keep in mind when they’re out on the town enjoying the New York City – or even Long Island, as was the case with Kidd – nightlife. That type of behavior is reckless, life-endangering and irresponsible beyond words. Even if he’s already acknowledged that with his players, Kidd must reiterate it once he returns.

And then there’s Kidd’s future actions to worry about. No one’s saying he’s not allowed to go out and have a good time every now and then, even if he is a head coach now. He just has to make sure to properly plan ahead of time.

This franchise says it wants to become an international brand. International brands shouldn’t look like this.

But preventing it again will all boil down to commitment.

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