Dallas Mavericks Shooting Guard Vince Carter's Game Has Aged Gracefully

By Dave Daniels
Mavs guard-forward is inVince-able
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Vince Carter, Dallas Mavericks shooting guard, has impressed me greatly in the latter end of his career. Have to admit here publicly that I have hated on him in the past, mainly for the way he left Toronto. A great deal of Canadians seem to hate Carter, and have never met a Canadian who was not really nice. So it is hard not to trust their opinion of the Toronto years right? They are just too damn nice, and it is hard to get that out of my mind.

But have to give Carter credit for transforming at the end of his career into a wily veteran who his teammates and coaches all genuinely like to work and play with. His time in Dallas has been quite productive, and the way Carter’s game has changed now that he cannot fly above the rim is admirable.

Shout out to the tweet below for the piece on the near end of Carter’s career.

Carter was one of my favorite players in North Carolina Tar Heel history, and those backdoor cuts for alley oop dunks are some of the best highlight reel material in the school’s history. Would love to see Carter working for the Heels one day come to think of it, now that he has matured into a full fledged man.

Also just a quick side not to end with, cuz that’s how I roll. Don’t you love the headline picture? Sexy.

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