Golden State Warriors Play Basketball with San Quentin Inmates

By Dave Daniels
Stephen Curry & Mark Jackson
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Cash would be quite proud. The Golden State Warriors played some basketball recently with the San Quentin inmates, which must have been quite a thrill for them and a nice break from the daily routine. Head coach Marc Jackson is a preacher as well as a coach, and his words also put doing this kind of perspective.

“It’s basketball, but, for the most part, this is about impacting lives,” Jackson said to the Bay Area news group. “The best thing about it for me is to realize you shouldn’t judge people until you get to know them. In playing here a couple times, I can say I’ve never had a bad interaction. You hear more complaining and griping on the playground than you do over here. These guys are respectful and they play the game the right way. I really enjoy it.”

Shout out to Fans Warriors for tweeting this, and it is a great thing of the Warriors to do.

The Warriors will enter next season with quite a bit of excitement, and if Stephen Curry’s ankles can handle the load next season then we could be in for another deep playoff run.

Andre Iguodala brings quite a lot of excitement to this team, and even wrote earlier today that the Nuggets would regret that Iggy left town. It is going to be an absolutely packed Western conference next season, and I for one cannot wait to watch the show.

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