Kevin Garnett's Chatter Very Beneficial For Brooklyn Nets

By Mike B. Ruiz
Debby Wong-USA Today Sports

Kevin Garnett doesn’t care if it’s training camp. He doesn’t care if he’s brand new to the Brooklyn Nets. He’s still going to do what he’s always done.

Chat away.

Reports out of Duke, the location of Nets’ training camp, are that Garnett has been as vocal as ever out on the court. That’s an excellent sign for the Nets, who lacked a verbal leader on the floor last season, especially on the defensive end. Garnett’s talkative ways should rub off on the rest of his teammates.

Having a team loaded with the star players is one thing. Success should be able to find them even if they aren’t the team doing the most communicating in the league.

But having a team with star players who communicate as much as possible will elevate their true talent by a huge margin. In order for the Nets to reach their full potential and win a championship next June, they’ll have to be that talkative.

And that’s not overstating its significance. Nets head coach Jason Kidd already sees the difference Garnett is making just through his constant verbalizing.

“He has a huge [impact],” Kidd said earlier in the week. “He has everyone talking. He’s a guy that only knows one way. He’s a professional, and, again, you saw that this morning from the time he touched the floor until he left.”

The most important thing Garnett’s motor mouth does is it holds everyone accountable one way or another. Mix-ups in assignments and man placement should be few and far between once they’re called out loud on the hardwood.

When it comes to value, Garnett’s vocal nature could be worth even more than the numbers he averages.

Even as early as training camp.

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