Memphis Grizzlies Hold Open Practice in Emsworth And Fill Up the Gym

By Dave Daniels
Memphis Grizzlies- Marc Gasol
Nelson Chenault- USA TODAY Sports

The Memphis Grizzlies have always struck me as a very fan friendly franchise. And how is that for a triple f ending for a sentence. They recently held an open practice for the public and the gym was packed on both sides. Reigning defensive player of the year Marc Gasol in particular impressed me this summer during his play at EuroBasket, although France’s team eventually prevailed due to a heroic effort by Tony Parker.

The Grizzlies are a big question mark next season, because of Mike Miller. The guy has battle injuries his entire career and if the Grizz can keep him healthy until the playoffs then it is a different ball game. The LeBronnettes essentially stowed him on the bench the whole year so that he would be ready in June, and we all know how that worked out. The only problem for the Grizzlies is the Western conference though. It might take 50 wins to get to the playoffs and it is just super crowded this year.

Gasol said they are going to play faster next season, which I don’t agree with because their size is really their only advantage over the rest of the fast league. Grit and Grind is what they were built on, and it is what they should finish with.

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