Point Guards Ty Lawson and Nate Robinson Have No Speed Limit Next Year

By Dave Daniels
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Nuggets lost Andre Iguodala who was an underrated reason for their playoff success last season, but they added Nate “KyptoNate” Robinson for help off the bench. He will spell Ty Lawson out when the former Tar Heel is on the bench, and allow the Nuggets to run full speed the entire game. There will be no speed limit for them next season, and rightfully so. It is just a shame that they don’t have their old coach.

Former head coach George Karl very unfairly lost his job after last season, but they played at an insane pace due to his impressive coaching. They need to play even faster next year though, but not sure it will ultimately result in the Nuggets getting to the playoffs. Really believe they will miss Iggy more than they realize, and it was kind of a western conference coup for the Warriors.

Shout out to the tweet below for causing me to ruminate on this for a bit.

Lawson is one of my favorite Tar Heels of all time, and will always give him love for the 2009 national championship. Still not sure if he will ever be capable of winning at the pro level, but we will see some more evidence next season that is for sure. Hopefully we will see it all in fast forward.

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