Washington Wizards Shooting Guard Bradley Beal "Not Shell Shocked"

By Dave Daniels
Bradley Beal
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Well, saw Bradley Beal, Washington Wizards shooting guard, say recently that he was “not shell shocked” by his rookie year. Not sure how good of a sign it is that he is comparing PTSD to playing a rooking year in DC, but hey we take what we can get in Washington.

All kidding aside, really love the combination in the backcourt of John Wall and Beal and it should be an exciting time for DC basketball. Wall has predicted playoffs for this time, and barring injury that is looking like a definite possibility. Nene’s health will be particularly crucial, which worries me quite a bit.

Of course, that was the expectation last season and then right before start Wall’s mystery knee injury popped up out of nowhere. Nene would be who I am worried about the most, but we will just have to see what happens. It would be a thrill beyond belief to watch them in a playoff game, and you can bet that I will be there when they come to Chicago. It should be a fun game, and here is hoping neither team has to endure news about a knee injury between now and then. That is my biggest hope, and if that is realized then I will be a truly happy camper.

Basketball never stops folks.

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