Will Charlotte Bobcats' Bismack Biyombo Do Better Off the Bench?

By danielcarney


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The 2013-14 season will be a new experience in Charlotte for 21-year-old center Bismack Biyombo. Biyombo has started 106 of his 143 games played with the Bobcats. He is has generally been looked at as the starting center for this team in the past two seasons. Upcoming, something will be very different for Biz; he will become a full time bench player rather than a possible starter.

The plan is to have Bismack move to the bench and have hopeful star rookie Cody Zeller take the power forward position. It is no question that the headline of the Charlotte Bobcats 2013 off season was that Al Jefferson was going to take the starting center job away from Biyombo. But, there was speculation on who might possibly get the starting power forward role: Zeller or Biyombo?

In my opinion, it was evident from draft night that Zeller was a starter for this team. Either way, starter or not, Steve Clifford‘s decision for Biyombo to come off the bench for the Cats is just brilliant. It benefits all parties involved.

How does Biyombo coming off the bench benefit Big Al? It lets him work with the young talent and help them improve their skills on the rebounding and scoring end, two things the Bobcats need to improve in this coming season. One of the key reasons Jefferson was brought to Charlotte was to help develop the young talent. Now with Biyombo basically being Jefferson’s “prodigy”, it will allow him to feel more comfortable working with the younger guys on this team.

How does Biyombo coming off the bench benefit rookie Cody Zeller? It lets Zeller get a quick taste of what being a starter in the NBA will be like. Zeller is the future of this team and starting him in his rookie season will help him slowly progress as a key starter and feel extremely comfortable in the Bobcats’ offense.

How does coming off the bench benefit Bismack Biyombo? It will allow him to learn great things from a solid center like Al Jefferson and perhaps even allow Biyombo to emulate Jefferson. We know Bismack can do work on the rebounding end, but expect his scoring abilities to improve tremendously over the next few years. It is a solid guess that the Cats might want Jefferson help him learn to be an efficient and effective scorer when  the time comes for Biz to develop a style of play that he can use and be comfortable with every game. There is no denying that he just looks straight-up uncomfortable with his game out there sometimes.

Much is still in question going into the Charlotte Bobcats 2013-2014 NBA season, will Biyombo thrive being one of the first guys off the bench? Will Biyombo be a different player coming off the bench? Will Al Jefferson ultimately help his game grow? One thing I can guarantee you, whether you disagree with me or not, Bismack Biyombo will thrive in a bench-role and his game will just get better and better as time progresses. Expect Jefferson to be a key reason for Bismack’s improvement.


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