Bullets Forever Praises John Wall and Bradley Beal After Washington Wizards Open Practice

By Dave Daniels
Debby Wong-USA-TODAY Sports

As a self avowed Washington Wizards fan, and with all the baggage that entails, it cheered my heart to read the article below. Lord knows it has been a tough stretch the last few years to root for the Wiz and some good news was needed. It appears that there might actually be something to cheer about next year, and owner Ted Leonsis said recently “the time is now” and John Wall has set playoff expectations for the squad as well.

Wall showed enough last year to get a max extension, and it will be interesting to see if the burden of that affects him at all this year. Do not anticipate it being a problem, because Wall is a professional and I’m expecting his best year yet. He was robbed of the chance to lead the Wizards to the playoffs last year

You can read the piece below on Bullets Forever that estimates Wall was shooting about fifty percent on long jump shots which is an encouraging sign.

The piece also points out that Bradley Beal’s ball handling has improved, and that backcourt can stay healthy and productive throughout the year then we could be looking at a playoff team here. Check back in later folks for a piece on the Spurs overcoming mental obstacles. In the meantime, D.C. fans will hope to hear no more bad news on the injury front.

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