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Predicting Utah Jazz’s Final 15-Man Roster

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15 Men Who Will Be Ready For Opening Day For Utah Jazz

15 Men Who Will Be Ready For Opening Day
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This Utah Jazz doesn’t look anything like it did last year. Instead of seeing Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap, we’ll be treated to the duo of Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors. Favors is already good on defense and with more playing time, he can be an offensive threat too. Averaging a double-double isn’t out of the question. Enes, on the other hand, will need to step up a lot compared to what he’s done in his first two seasons in the league. Sure, he hasn’t had a lot of playing time, so with increased minutes, there should be no problem seeing an increase in his stats.

Gordon Hayward will need to take over this team with the departures of previously said Jefferson and Millsap. He’s a dead-eye shooter from three and shoots a high percentage at the free throw line too. If he can become more of an all-around player, he has the ability to be the man in Utah. Brandon Rush coming off of an injury upgrades Utah’s bench. Alec Burks will start at shooting guard, and Marvin Williams can play both forward positions, which is good for the Jazz because there isn’t much interior depth on this team.

Trey Burke got drafted this year and is expected to come in and man the point guard position immediately at a very high level. Hopefully he can meet expectations, because there isn’t much depth behind him, but Justin Holiday could be a sleeper for backup point guard minutes.

This is the complete list of the 15 men I fully expect to see in the Jazz’s uniform come opening day.

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Point Guard

Point Guard
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Trey Burke

John Lucas

Justin Holiday

Scott Machado

Trey Burke is fully expected to come in and do big things for this Utah Jazz squad. Lucas will likely see some backup minutes, but keep an eye out for Justin Holiday.

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Shooting Guard

Shooting Guard
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Alec Burks

Brandon Rush

Burks is the starter, but if Rush comes back healthy, he will get plenty of playing time too.

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Small Forward

Small Forward
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Gordon Hayward

Marvin Williams

Richard Jefferson

Dominic McGuire

Hayward is expected to be the best all-around player on this team. Williams will see backup minutes here and also likely some at power forward. Jefferson and McGuire could see garbage time minutes unless one shows they deserve more than that.

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Power Forward

Power Forward
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Derrick Favors

Jeremy Evans

Favors gets the starting nod with the departure of Millsap. Evans will get backup time, but Marvin Williams will likely take some of his minutes as well.

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Enes Kanter

Andris Biedrins

Rudy Gobert

Enes Kanter needs to step up big time in the role Al Jefferson used to have. Biedrins will get backup minutes.