Good and Bad Reasons Why The Indiana Pacers Should Be Serious About The Preseason

By Justin Logan
Pacers Team
Robert Mayer- USA TODAY Sports

The NBA preseason has been one of the most talked about times to determine if it should even be considered or if teams should just start with the regular season opener. Each fan has their own take on what their favorite teams should do during the preseason. Should their favorite team take it more serious like a playoff game or just tune-up their roster? Here are the good and bad reasons on how the Indiana Pacers should approach the preseason.

The top reason the Pacers should take it seriously is to see how returning forward Danny Granger will work with possibly not being the superstar on the team like he has been the past few years. Forward Paul George emerged last year as a star and plans to be the front-runner for the team this year. Coach Frank Vogel has not determined whether he will start Granger or keep the same lineup as last year by putting Lance Stephenson back in the forward spot. Pacers need to use the preseason to see if George and Granger can work together or not.

The second reason the Pacers should take it seriously is to figure out how the new acquisitions will help their second unit. The second unit is made primarily out of their offseason work such as Luis Scola, C.J. Watson, Chris Copeland, and rookie draft pick Solomon Hill. The Pacers need to take the time this preseason to figure out just how to build chemistry with the new group. It is also important to raise their bench production from last year which should not be hard seeing as how they ranked near the bottom in this category.

A reason that they should not take the preseason seriously is to watch out for injuries. Granger was hurt earlier last week, not because of his knee injury that hurt him last year, but due to a back injury in practice. It looked like it was nothing serious, but just the thought of losing him again in a preseason game tells fans that there is no need to take preseason that seriously. With the Pacers being one of the favorites to come out of the Eastern Conference, they can’t afford a major injury to any player.

In conclusion, the Pacers should take the preseason more serious because there is some stuff they need to work on, but they must be very cautious in their aggressiveness in the game. They should work more on the fundamentals such as shooting, passing, and defense and try to stay away from the hustle plays on the floor. The hustle plays shows determination in a player that they should show during the regular season, not the preseason.

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