Houston Rockets Hoping to Build Chemistry with Trip to Philippines

By Dave Daniels
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Small forward Chandler Parsons is not a fan of the jet lag, but understands that this trip to the Philippines could be huge for developing chemistry down the line for the Houston Rockets. The whole team is staying well hydrated and rested, but they will not full catch up with this jet lag for quite a bit of time. That does not mean they cannot have some fun while building up a strong rapport on the roster. Dwight Howard seems to look a lot happier in red than the ever did in yellow, and the league’s leading rebounder last season appears to be fully healthy for the first time in a couple years.

One thing is for sure, the Philippines are very happy to have them there.

My readers probably know the James Harden is probably both my favorite player and beard in the league currently, and the combination of him and Howard funning downhill in the pick and roll will make quite a lot of rims shake next season.

Trips like this one to the Philippines do build chemistry in some cases, but that does not guarantee that they are going to just roll through the playoffs. It does kind of speed up the team’s process of getting to know each other though, so here is hoping that when the regular season starts they hit the ground running. We’ll just have to see how far they can sprint.

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