Small Forward Gordon Hayward Showing Vocal Leadership for Utah Jazz

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Gordon Hayward has really been showing me something. Honestly thought he was going to be just another flash in the pan college star who would not be able to produce at the pro level, but he has grown every year in the league and is now taking on a vocal leadership role for the Utah Jazz. He is helping break Trey Burke into the way things work, and heard recently Burke is shooting for rookie of the year as a goal. That might be a bit of a stretch for him, but congratulations to the young man for making his pro debut tonight. Shout out to the tweet below for alerting me to that fact.

Hayward apparently showcased his vocal leadership lately on Enes Kanter, after the power forward forgot to box out on a rebound. Kanter has gobs of potential so it is good that he has got someone on his side. Hayward will love the picks Kanter sets down the line though, so it is good that it appears the tongue lashing did not have a negative effect on their relationship. Thanks to Ben Anderson for alerting me to Hayward yelling at Kanter, which you can check out in the tweet below.

The Jazz have an uphill climb ahead of them this season, but they at least now they have their vocal leader. Hayward impressed this summer at team USA’s camp, and if the comments of those who watched are any evidence then he could end up being on the team down the line. For now though we will just have to see if he can lead the Jazz back to the playoffs.

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