All Signs Point To Kobe Bryant Sitting Out To Start Season

By Andrew Fisher
Kobe Bryant
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If we were talking about any other athlete, it wouldn’t even be a question. But when you’re talking about Kobe Bryant coming back from a ruptured achilles tendon in only six months, it’s a legitimate thing. All offseason there have been rumors swirling that Bryant could be ready to start the 2013-14 season. The normal timetable for a ruptured achilles is usually six months, but that’s for non-athletes. Kobe is attempting to get back on the court and play with the best basketball players in the world.

Bryant has also been in the news lately for undergoing another round of plasma rich platelet therapy on his right knee. The shooting guard flew to Germany last week to have the procedure performed and now he’s back with the Los Angeles Lakers. The team is also back to business on the court, but Bryant is still far from being a full participant in practice.

“Just keep grinding. Keep working hard and getting better. I gotta get in shape, too. I’ve been sitting on my butt now for a while. I gotta get up and get moving… It’s just about trying to get that range of motion back where I feel like I can run comfortably. The last stage is really the explosiveness and the muscle endurance,” said Bryant.

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Reports are stating that Kobe is doing light jogging and set shooting with the team, but at this point, he sounds nowhere near game shape. As much as you have to respect his determination to get back on the court to start the season, it just sounds like something that’s not possible. Even if he somehow gets medically cleared, I think it would be a terrible idea to run him out there.

The best strategy would be to hold him out even after he’s medically cleared. If this Lakers team is competitive without him, then they should hold him out even longer. There’s no reason to bring him back at 75 percent. At this juncture, I’m guessing he won’t take the court until sometime in December. Kobe is now 35 and the Lakers have to be safe to avoid being sorry, even though you know the Black Mamba won’t want to hear it.


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