Derrick Rose Shows Improvement by Limiting Turnovers vs. Memphis Grizzlies

By Jon Keller
Derrick Rose
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

In Derrick Rose’s preseason debut on Saturday night everyone was so ecstatic to see the return of the former MVP that some of his mistakes went unnoticed.  Saturday’s exhibition against the Indiana Pacers was Rose’s first NBA action in 525 days so it is understandable that he was a little rusty, but the former MVP committed four turnovers in just over 20 minutes of action.  Preseason or not, four turnovers in 20 minutes is something that needs to be fixed.

Rose did just that.  In his second preseason game the 25-year-old point guard committed only one turnover.  This statistic stands out for two reasons.  First, it shows great improvement by Rose.  This was only his second game in 17 months and he was able to limit himself to just one turnover.  Rose once again played just about 20 minutes on Monday night, thus in the same amount of playing time as his first game he was able to trim his turnover count by three.

This stat also stands out to me because the Bulls as a whole committed an ugly 17 turnovers.  The Memphis Grizzlies also had trouble taking care of the ball as they turned it over 19 times.  It was a very sloppy game on Monday night, but Rose was able to stay focused and take good care of the ball while others failed to do so.  This is the first sign of many to come of Rose asserting his dominance over the rest of the NBA.  Look for Rose to continue showing signs of improvement as the preseason goes along.

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