Washington Wizards Center Nene Feeling Right At Home in Brazil

By Dave Daniels
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Wizards landed in Rio de Janeiro today, and their starting center Nene probably feels right at home. Hopefully he can introduce the team to some of the local cuisine and help them with customs as well. Got some unfortunate news regarding Nene, he appears to have some lingering injuries and wants to be played in limited preseason action. We will see how that bodes for the Wizards in the coming months, but it is not a good sign. Thanks to the Wizards for updating the team’s status in Rio below.

As long as there is no news about a John Wall injury, then I will be a happy camper though. Playoffs are the expectation that pretty much everyone in the organization has set as the goal, and hopefully they can get it done this year and use it as a stepping stone to success in the future.

In any case, here is hoping that they have a productive and safe time in Brazil, and also that it helps build chemistry at the start of the year. Lord knows they did not exactly start last year firing on all cylinders and it would just be nice to see them in the hunt for the playoffs right from the opening gun.

Gun is probably a poorly chosen word given the Bullets, I mean, er, Wizards’ history but it is hard not to think it desperate terms when you have been a desperate fan for too long.

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