2013-14 Atlanta Hawks Tickets: Top Games

By Greg Cohen
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The Atlanta Hawks are hoping addition by subtraction will help propel them forward this year. With Josh Smith now taking unnecessary long jump shots in Detroit, Atlanta is officially in the hands of Jeff Teague, Al Horford and the newly signed Paul Millsap. Hawks tickets are slightly up over last year’s prices as fans swipe up the games against elite opponents that visit Philips Arena. The average price of a home Hawks ticket last year was $97, whereas tickets are seeing a 9% price premium over last year with this year’s home average ticket price currently sitting at $106.

Take a look at the five highest priced Atlanta Hawks tickets below:

1.)   April 12thMiami Heat – Average Price, $350 – Get-in Price, $101

This late season matchup brings LeBron James and the back-to-back defending champion Heat to Atlanta for the final time this season. The luster of the Heat aura has ticket prices listed at 230% higher than the home average for the Hawks, at an average price of $350. Even the cheapest tickets to attend the game, $101, are running at nearly the price of an average home game. With James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade all eligible to opt out of their contracts at the end of the season, this could be the last chance that Atlanta gets to see the “big three” in their current form.

2.)   January 20th – Heat – Average Price, $307 – Get-in Price, $89

The initial Heat visit to Atlanta this season comes on Monday, January 20th, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The average ticket price for this matchup is currently $307 a giant 189% increase over the season average for a home Hawks ticket.  Fans can find tickets with a “get-in price” of $89.

3.)   December 16thLos Angeles Lakers – Average Price, $256 – Get-in Price, $78

The Lakers may be taking a step back this season in terms of winning, but that hasn’t stopped the Lake Show fan base from driving up ticket prices. Always a hot ticket no matter where they visit should leave Philips Arena shining in yellow and gold. Ticket prices for the game are sitting at a price point that is 142% above the home average, at $256 for the average ticket. Fans can their only shot to cheer for the Lakers this season in Atlanta for a “get-in price” of $78.

4.)   February 22ndNew York Knicks – Average Price, $195 – Get-in Price, $41

The Knicks make their second and final Atlanta appearance in this Saturday night game at Philips Arena.  The average home ticket price to see Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks is sitting at 84% above the average home ticket price, at $195. With both teams expected to be competing for middle seeded playoff spot in the East, ticket prices will only continue to rise. You can find a “get-in price” today of just $41.

5.)   April 2ndChicago Bulls – Average Price, $178 – Get-in Price, $45

Derrick Rose and the Bulls make their final Atlanta appearance of the season in this Wednesday night faceoff. Ticket prices to watch the visiting Bulls are sitting at a price point that is 68% above the home average, at $178 for the average ticket. Fans can see Rose and Friends for a “get-in price” of $45.

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