3 Ways Charlotte Bobcats Can Defeat Miami Heat In Second Preseason Game

By danielcarney
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Bobcats will go up on Friday night against the Miami Heat in their second preseason game. Because it is just the preseason, NBA fans seem to think it is not important. However, the preseason is actually rather important to many, if not all teams because they still need to figure out things like, “who will come off the bench first?” “How many minutes will the starters get per game?” “Who will be cut from the roster before opening night?”

The Bobcats enter this game as an example of a team that will be playing very hard before it is time for opening night. The Cats still will have to make cuts, manage minutes and figure out their depth chart before the season begins in late October.

Some may think even proposing a Bobcats victory is silly, but lets not forget this is just a preseason game and I am guessing that LeBron James will be seldom used. Dwyane Wade did not even play the last game. Fans will definitely see some of Chris Bosh as he surprisingly played a good amount of minutes against the Atlanta Hawks.

Let’s not forget that a Bobcats win is never impossible over the Heat. If we all can recall the Bobcats’ 7-59 season (worst record in NBA history) for just a few seconds. Can you guess who one of the seven wins that season was against? That’s right — the Miami Heat.

So, here are three key ways the Bobcats can defeat the Miami Heat and get their first win of the 2013 preseason:

Don’t fall behind on the rebounding end

We all know just how bad the Cats were on the rebounding end last year, finishing 27th in the league in total rebounding. But, tonight signals a new beginning for the Bobcats’ rebounding corps.

With Cody Zeller and Al Jefferson now Bobcats, look for them to record high rebounding totals tonight. Both are talented rebounders who will help bolster the Cats on the rebounding end. Jefferson will need to contain Chris Bosh if he wants to be able to help Charlotte on the rebounding end.

Come out early and don’t fade away

It seems the Bobcats have many games where they start of well and play some pretty solid basketball in the first quarter, and then start to slowly fade away throughout the rest of the game. So how can the Bobcats accomplish this key? By staying consistent throughout the entire game.

If the Cats can stay on top of the Heat defense and be able to run them out with all the younger guards on this team like Gerald Henderson and Kemba Walker, then fans could be looking at a Bobcats win. The team can’t let the Heat jump out on them in the early shades of the game, and have to match them — if not lead them the entire game. However, that is easier said than done considering the Heat have a very dominant scoring offense.

Containing Chris Bosh

I sense Chris Bosh actually getting a decent amount of playing time in this game, much more than LeBron or Wade. I feel Erik Spoelstra will want to see him go up against another star center in Jefferson. Bosh actually went off in the Heat’s first preseason game against the Hawks. He put up 21 points, five rebounds and two assists.

In only 20 minutes, he played a great game, and I don’t understand why the Heat wouldn’t use him for a little longer time to see how he can match up against Jefferson. If Jefferson can contain Bosh in the post and on his mid-range jumper, then the Cats will have a much better chance of walking out of the arena with a W against the defending champs.

The team can’t let Bosh push them around. Instead, they should push Bosh around and make him feel uncomfortable taking his shot. If they get in his head early and play good defense on him in each possession, the Bobcats will be greatly benefited.

Daniel Carney covers the Charlotte Bobcats for rantsports.com. You can follow him on Twitter @dan_jcarney, subscribe to him on YouTube where he talks sports, and add him on Google+

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