Brendan Haywood's Injury Opens Up Rookie of the Year Possibility for Cody Zeller

By Dave Daniels
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Want to preface this argument real quick. I did not agree when the Charlotte Bobcats drafted Cody Zeller for one reason: Nerlens Noel was on the board. The Bobcats obviously wanted to draft a player who would produce immediately, but my counter to that is… what’s the rush?

It is not as if they are going to be in contention within the next two years anyway. The wiser course of action is to take the player with higher potential, and the choice has got to be Noel there. I like Zeller’s game, do not get me wrong, and he will certainly be more productive next year than Noel. However, still believe that Noel has greater potential in the long term.

Alright, now that is out of the way.

With the recent news the Brendan Haywood would miss 3 months of playing time, that opens up a Rookie of the Year lane for Zeller. Thanks to Indy Star Sports for the update below.

It is going to be another tough year for Bobcats fans, but I’m hoping that they have a rookie of the year performance to look forward to at the very least. They youngest Zeller brother might just be the best of them, but we will just have to see if he and Al Jefferson can get through a whole year without killing each other.

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