Detroit Pistons Owner Tom Gores Will Lose More Fans If Team Doesn't Win

By John Raffel
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores needs to have his eyes more than just on the basketball court during NBA home games this season. He needs to look all over the Palace of Auburn Hills and see how many seats are full.

As the owner of the team over the past two seasons, Gores probably hasn’t been happy with not only a poor product on the court, but declining attendances. Poor records and poor attendances go hand-in-hand, in case Gores hasn’t already noticed. The Pistons, world champions in 2004, had one of the best attendances in the league every season until their fortunes in the W-L record started declining a few years before Gores bought the team.

A new owner doesn’t bring back fans, nor does a new coach. New players — well, that’s a different matter. They can bring back the fans, especially if the Pistons start winning. All the dancing girls, musicians, rock bands and anything else they want to bring in at halftime will help a little, but the fans come to basketball games to watch winning teams.

Gores has already shown that he won’t tolerate a poor product. That was among the reasons coach Lawrence Frank did not come back after only two seasons on the job. It wasn’t all Frank’s fault, but Gores had to start somewhere to get a winning team back on the court.

If Gores can put such a team on the court for the Pistons, he can forget all the other side shows. Hopefully with the help of team president Joe Dumars, he can put on a good main event 82 times during the regular season.

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