Grantland Shows Atlanta Hawks Center Al Horford Love In Team Preview

By Dave Daniels
Al Horford and Paul Millsap
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this Grantland NBA preview series deserves some props and have not seen many giving them the love so here goes. Love the Champagne and Campaign segment as well as the Clairvoyant Bill section. The movie reference to each team is quite a nice touch too, although really looking forward to the previews for the quality teams.

Anyways, Grantland is doing a great job with these so be sure to check them out.

They show Al Horford quite a lot of love in their latest Atlanta Hawks preview, which is well deserved. In the end, it may not end up in a playoff season for the Hawks though. I honestly love Horford’s game, and feel bad that he is stuck on a team whose future is uncertain to say the least.

Wishing luck to the Hawks next season, but something tells me there will not be too many smiles. You can start Kyle Korver on your team and he will shoot well, but that is no guarantee that you will actually win any games. In any case, a lottery pick might be more useful at this time to the Hawks than a playoff berth.

But the smell of hope from all the teams in the league is tasteable, but we will have to wait until Halloween for dreams to start getting crushed.

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