Indiana Pacers: Don't Worry About 0-2 Record in Preseason

By Dylan Hughes
Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers came into the season as one of the biggest threats to knock off the Miami Heat, and after two preseason games, are winless. Does this have anything to do with the new additions and return of Danny Granger? How long will it take before they are playing like a top team in the East once again?

The Pacers added C.J. Watson, Chris Copeland, and Luis Scola this past offseason, drastically improving their bench. They also have Danny Granger back from a knee injury after missing most of last season. Having all these new guys that we didn’t see last season can cause chemistry problems, and that’s most likely the problem for Indiana so far in the preseason. They added a few new bench players last season, and it took them some time to really build chemistry with each other and start winning games. The same thing may happen this season, but hopefully it won’t take as long to get an offensive flow going.

The good thing is, the starters are playing pretty well, as chemistry is already there. The only one really getting to a slow start is Roy Hibbert, but he is working on some new offensive moves and maybe that’s throwing him off a bit. I’m sure he’ll be back to what he was in last season’s playoffs soon enough.

Once the bench starts playing more smoothly together, this Pacers team will be off and running. Aside from injuries, there is really no reason why Indiana can’t make it back to the Eastern Conference Finals just like last season. It is only the preseason, so we really can’t make anything of this slow start until the regular season rolls around.

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