Vince Carter Is Meaningful Sixth Man in Dallas Mavericks’ Preseason Game vs. Memphis Grizzlies

By Elaine J. Dispo
Half Man Half Amazing exceeds half his attempts
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas MavericksVince Carter is a facilitator.

You may ask, “What is a facilitator?” Or, “How is Vince Carter a facilitator?”

Let’s shoot two baskets with one ball, shall we? A facilitator helps make the process of reaching a goal smoother, hence the root word, “fácil,” meaning “easy” in Spanish. “Mr. Carter” definitely facilitates the Mavs, with his freshest facilitation during their second NBA preseason game, which was the Memphis Grizzlies‘ home opener, in the FedEx Forum, on Wednesday night. The Mavs ended with 16 turnovers, much less than their 28 giveaways in their preseason home opener against the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday.

While the guard/forward only played less than one-third (just under 15 minutes) of the entire game, he indeed made an impact. His offense was on point as he put up 12 points from his 5-of-7 shooting, which was the highest attempt percentage out of his teammates.

Now the former Toronto Raptor-dubbed “Air Canada” is performing this well not just out of pure skill, but also from his pressing will, with that sense of urgency to compete in the Finals as he enters his 16th season in the league. He shoots to reap the rewards from his rigorous training during the offseason, and scoring this ultimate basket will check this goal off his bucket list.

This man is hungry for a championship run. If Carter keeps playing at this rate during the regular season, plus if his fellow Mavs are inspired by his hard work and follow his example of hustle on the hardwood, then they have a viable chance of being playoff contenders once again.

Just keep your eyes on the prize: the Larry O’Brien trophy. With your hands on the ball, imagine your finger adorned in a Finals championship ring (or for power forward Dirk Nowitzki and small forward Shawn Marion – the other two members along with Carter of my 2K13 Tipoff Trioanother Finals championship ring), and your arms embracing that trophy (or branded with the trophy – like 2011 Finals championship guard Jason Terry).

Can you smell what the “Half Man Half Amazing” is cooking? It is called “victory stew”: a bed of “beast mode” muscle madness topped with sweat drizzle and a heaping helping of “hoop hopes” to equal parts of “hoop hype.” Let this Sixth Man raise the roof like he did when he was Slam Dunk Champion of the All-Stars.

In a recent episode of ESPN’s SportsNation, Los Angeles Lakers G/F Kobe Bryant was described as being “psychotic” about basketball, which transcends his love for the game and makes him a top-notch player. If that is the case, then Carter deserves his nickname “Vinsanity,” because he brings his passion to the floor every single time.

Carter simply is “inVince-able,” so do not take the game away from him.

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