2013-14 Philadelphia 76ers Tickets: Top Games

By Greg Cohen
76ers Bench
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia 76ers are starting year one of a new plan. The team hired new general manager Sam Hinkie from Houston and new head coach Brett Brown from San Antonio. The Sixers will have a young roster built around Thaddeus Young and Evan Turner. Even with the young roster, 76ers tickets are in high demand. Tickets for home games during the 2013-14 season are averaging $154.71, up 63% from last season’s average of $94.88. The top home games in Philly mostly feature Atlantic Division rivals.

1) 3/21/14 vs New York Knicks | Avg. Price: $275.43 | Get-in Price: $25 | +78%

The top game on the Sixers’ schedule is a Friday night game against the defending division champion Knicks. The average price for this game is 78% above the season average for home games. Despite being the highest average ticket for the season, the $25 starting price is the second lowest for Philly’s top five games.

2) 1/11/14 vs Knicks | Avg. Price: $273.43 | Get-in Price: $52 | +77%

The first meeting of the Sixers and Knicks is just below the average for the second home meeting, but with a significantly higher get-in price. Philadelphia was 1-3 against the Knicks last season, but that one win came at home with a 97-80 victory. This Saturday night meeting is 77% above the average home ticket price.

3) 1/17/14 vs Miami Heat | Avg. Price: $255.47 | Get-in Price: $64 | +65%

The defending NBA champions will also be a big draw when they come to town for the second time, after being the opponent for Philly’s home opener. Tickets are averaging 65% above the season average and have the highest get-in price of any 2013-14 home game.

4) 2/7/14 vs Los Angeles Lakers | Avg. Price: $222.22 | Get-in Price: $61 | +44%

The Lakers are always a draw for away crowds and it’s no different at the Wells Fargo Center. This Friday night inter-conference game between two historic franchises is currently 44% above the home average. The Sixers split two games with the Lakers last season, as Los Angeles was one of three teams Philadelphia averaged over 100 points per game against.

5) 4/5/14 vs Brooklyn Nets | Avg. Price: $215.86 | Get-in Price: $21 | +40%

The Nets will come in to Philly for the 76ers’ second to last home game of the season on a Saturday night. The get-in price for the divisional matchup is the lowest for the top five games with the average price 40% above the regular season average. The Sixers could be in a position to play spoiler for Brooklyn’s quest of grabbing a high playoff seed in the eastern Conference.

There most likely won’t be any playoffs in Philadelphia this season, but the team will have plenty of opportunities to showcase the young talent they are trying to build around with additional talent to come in this year’s draft. This season will be the first glimpse of what could be a bright future for the Philadelphia 76ers.

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