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5 Big Wins Boston Celtics Need To Have In 2013

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5 Big Wins For the Boston Celtics This Season

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Nothing speaks greater volumes about a team than their ability to win. While speaking messages and displaying heart are nice, the point of winning is simply to lead to more winning, preferably in a playoff setting. Boston Celtics fans probably won’t see a lot of winning this season. Regrettable as it is, the wins that they do get will speak volumes about them as well as the teams they conquer on the parquet floor. I know a lot of fans think winning and this year's Celtics team won;t cross paths very often. I'm not going to say that they're wrong, but there will be a few feel good moments as the seasons chugs along. These are not the Boston Bobcats. It won't be shocking when they win. However, a few of the teams they are going to beat will come as a surprise to plenty of people. However, the wins will help us remeber the many positive aspects of the Celtics, and hopefully shed some light on things to come and the team of tomorrow.

And some teams are just fun to beat.

Each of the following teams I predict the Celtics beating are not the only teams they will beat. They are, however, the victories that will have the greatest impact and tell the biggest story.

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Toronto Raptors

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Beating the Toronto Raptors should never be a big deal. Ever. Still, many predict the Raptors do big things this year, and I am entirely unsure as to why. They may have gotten a little better, but at the very least, they are as bad as the Celtics. Beating Toronto will send a message to the league that if a team like the rag-tag Boston Celtics can beat them, they probably aren’t going very far at all. This is more about the Raptors losing than it is the Celtics winning. Toronto will be a good team someday. But that day is not today.

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Golden State Warriors

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The Golden State Warriors losing to the Celtics is a big deal for two reasons. First, I believe it will showcase whatever defensive ability remains from the last era in Boston. Avery Bradley should have a fine game, and effectively limit the offensively-minded Warriors very well. Secondly, this will show the league that the Warriors are not the team to beat. Golden State can and more than likely will go far come springtime, but a loss from the Celtics will prove their mortality.

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Houston Rockets

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Yes, you read that correctly. The Celtics can and will beat the Houston Rockets at least once this year. Not because the Rockets are a bad team, but because Boston matches up very well with them. Once again, the Boston defense will stifle the up-and-comers, and I believe the big men from Brooklyn will prove their worth in stifling Dwight Howard from making any meaningful contributions. This game will show rays of hope in an otherwise dreary Boston season.

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Los Angeles Clippers

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I think we all know why beating the L.A. Clippers will be oh-so-sweet. Look for the Celtics to shut down Chris Paul via the defensive antics of Bradley, and for the frontcourt to show that actual defensive ability, post presence and skillful shooting is more valuable than dunk highlights on SportsCenter the next day. This is a similar situation to that of the Warriors in that I believe it will make the league wonder if the Clippers are so incredible after all.

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Los Angeles Lakers

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The L.A. Lakers and Celtics need no introduction. Every game between the two of them is a must-see event, no matter how bad either team is. And right now, they’re both pretty pitiful. All this game is really going to do is show the Celtics have at least some bright spots. A team like the Celtics filled with youth can only get better. However, an aging Lakers' roster may not have such a bright future. No messages need to be sent here. The teams that blossomed into contention at the same time will fade away into mediocrity at the same time. And they’ll be doing it with as much passion as they did in the 80s. That in itself, is a big win.